5 Fantastic Resources Every SEO Needs to be Reading

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Every SEO professional has to start somewhere, whether it’s learning the background behind the inner workings of a website or understanding the algorithms by which search engines function. And, now more than ever, there’s a huge host of excellent resources to help you on your way. 

However, as always, you do have to be extra careful not to believe everything you read, especially as best practice knowledge in SEO has changed several times since the early days of search engines.

That being said though, there are a number of resources you can use to help brush up your skills and this is a quick list of the ones we’ve found most useful.

  • Moz

In their own words, Moz “know SEO” and it was founded in 2004 as an online community focused on the sharing of search engine knowledge. 

The collaboration of individuals within this knowledgeable community, combined with regular publication of thorough educational content (including ‘The Beginner’s Guide to SEO’) makes this the top of our list of SEO resources. As well as being accessible enough for beginners, the SEO stalwarts amongst us can continue to learn and share modern day best practice.

To get everything out of MOZ, we do recommend a PRO Membership, but between the blog, the free guides and the fantastic ‘Whiteboard Fridays’, there’s a ton of free information for most SEOs, beginner or otherwise.

  • Ahrefs

The Ahrefs blog is incredibly rich in top SEO resources for all levels of SEO professional, ranging across lots of different subjects, such as anchor text, best SEO podcasts and the one that caught our eye: How to Learn SEO in 2018.

All the articles are written by industry professionals and members of the Ahrefs team, with each lending a balanced and in-depth presentation of the topic in question.

Getting into the importance of the nitty-gritty areas of SEO such as anchor text is on the more advanced side of things but once you have the basics down, the breadth of the full Ahrefs blog will serve as an indispensable resource to support your client or brand with best practice SEO. 

  • Search Engine Journal

There is literally years’ worth of content on Search Engine Journal, again written by a whole host of industry professionals related to SEO and other topics such as content marketing and paid search. 

Articles such as this piece on link building regularly rack up thousands of reads and shares and often link out to the best pieces of content on the internet. On top of these articles, of which we recommend subscribing to, there are the beginner’s and complete guides to SEO as well as a great guide to link building. 

So, we recommend that you make this resource part of your morning reading routine! 

  • Search Engine Roundtable

A pure SEO news site sits at number four in our quick guide. Run by the highly respected SEO writer and editor, Barry Swartz, SE Roundtable defines itself as “The pulse of the search community”. 

Their goal is “to provide a single source for the reader to visit to locate the most interesting threads covered at the Search Engine Marketing forums” and this creates a truly fantastic resource, without the premium bells and whistles of other SEO news sources. 

As well as the latest news on Google, Barry publishes news on Bing, Yahoo and a whole raft of other SEO related topics. 

Sometimes, getting the latest updates can be done quickest by going to the original source, and while it can be a subject of deliberation whether to do exactly as Google say, it’s important to know about Google’s public position regarding a variety of tactics and techniques you might employ.

Any new announcements about changes to the all-powerful algorithm, as well as snippets from those in the know at Google, often appear here first, so it’s worth checking out Google’s own guidelines for some hints and tips.

Of course, the list of SEO resources doesn’t end at these five but we’re sure that these top picks will help you to develop a great base of SEO knowledge which can lead to a positive impact for your brand, business or client. 

For more information on how SEO can help your business, feel free to get in touch with our Digital Marketing team here at Liquid Bubble.

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