Simple certainly doesn’t mean simplistic, and sometimes the movie posters with the least clutter have the most to say. We’ve already looked at some of the all-time greats in simple movie poster design, but that’s not to say that all the best designs were old. In fact, the art of film poster design is probably stronger now than ever before. So let’s take a gander at three films that are released in 2015 that we’re really looking forward to – based solely on the outstanding and eye-catching poster design.

Ant Man

Nobody could accuse the poster for Marvel’s upcoming Ant Man movie of false advertising – it really does exactly what it says on the tin. Much of the brilliance of this design comes in the humour inherent in being the world’s tiniest super-hero. However it also works fantastically on a design level. The tiny image forces the viewer to move in closer, demanding their attention and ensuring a lasting impression.

Jurassic World

The poster for the upcoming Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World shows just how powerful a strong heritage can be. It closely mimics the poster for the original 1993 release: that same eerie silhouette of a dinosaur, that same striking text, however it adds a few key twists – such as the 3D effect on the image – to suggest that the series still has some surprises in store for us yet.


The poster for Disney’s Cinderella reboot is a complete tease, giving us little to go on when it comes to what the actual content for the movie will be. However, it makes use of one of the most iconic images in the entire fairy-tale genre, and lures us in with a picture that instantly conjures up thoughts of glamour, romance and – most importantly – just a sprinkling of magic.

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