Marketing techniques have changed dramatically over the years, and as an SEO agency in London we have seen first-hand the extent of these changes. Despite the advancement in the way we promote businesses, some of the most effective marketing tools are the more traditional ones, such as print.

This is because industries are extremely competitive nowadays so, instead of overlooking this type of marketing tool, businesses that choose to use them can benefit from opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t come their way.

Using posters to market your business is a quick and efficient way to get your message to your target market. Posters should be visually appealing and present information in a clear way, so that they can attract people’s attention and stay in their minds. It’s a great choice to increase your brand awareness, and can give you the edge over a competitor.


A big advantage of using posters is that they have a lower cost than other forms of advertisement, like television or radio.You could buy them in bulk (or in large sizes and with high-quality graphics) and it would save you more money than an ad in a magazine would.


Posters can accommodate a large amount of information and pictures, which makes them easy to spot and read, so they’re useful to call attention to an event or product. They’re also capable of being placed anywhere you want (where permitted!), and even moved to a different location at will.

If you use multiple posters, you have a higher chance of people remembering your message – the repetition can increase the number of converts, since you have more chance of your content being read.

Nonstop Exposure

One of posters’ biggest advantages is that, for as long as you leave them up, more people will see your message, which can lead to an increase in customers.Compared to other forms of advertisement, posters have a longer life, because magazines and newspapers are usually discarded after being read, while they remain in the same spot.

Choosing a high traffic area, or places with a high degree of exposure, can help you reach more people. And if you want to have your posters up for a long period of time, consider having them laminated to avoid decay due to weather conditions.

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