In today’s society, getting your business noticed on the web is important. There are so many internet users browsing the web every single day, it would be great to get your company name recognised by some of them, right?

One sure fire way of putting your business directly into their hands is to invest in search engine advertising. As most people will be using a search engine at some point in their day, it pays to invest in this crucial form of advertising, more commonly known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

We’ve already covered what PPC is in one of our previous blogs, but this time we’re going to look a little closer at how this essential marketing technique can benefit your business. Here are three reasons you should be looking at PPC and search engine advertising for your business.

Search Engine Adverts are Measureable

If you’re like us, you love seeing your hard work paying off. With other forms of advertising, it can often be quite difficult to measure how well your advertising campaign is going. There are no automatically generated reports as to how many people have seen your advert, or how many people have actually taken an interest.

However, with advertising on search engine giants Google and Bing, you are able to actually see how well your advertisement is working. From assessing whether you’re targeting the right audience to seeing just how many people are clicking on the advertisements you have running, PPC is an easy, measureable way of marketing your business online.

You Can Control Your Advertising Budget Easily

Although budgeting is something that you’re probably already familiar with in other aspects of your business, it’s especially important when it comes to advertising.

The beauty of PPC is that you can set yourself a maximum daily spend on your advertisements, meaning you can accurately budget how much your marketing is going to cost you, rather than being given a rough estimate which can change every now and again.

Being able to budget allows you to see where your money is going and how much you have left to play with in other aspects of your business.

They Give Immediate Results

Unlike other ways of getting noticed online, PPC can get your business noticed right away. If you’re a business who thrives off seeing instantaneous results, then PPC marketing is the route for you.

However, we’ve not saying that you should solely rely on PPC as your only digital marketing service. In fact, we’d always recommend coupling your PPC campaigns with SEO work to really boost those rankings and increase the chances of your business being seen and clicked on by web users.

As the results of PPC are immediate, it’s a great way to determine whether you’re targeting the right audience or ranking for the most relevant keywords – again complementing the SEO side of things, too!

Getting those all important website clicks is what you should be aiming for as a business online and that’s why Liquid Bubble are here to help you. To make the most of your opportunity to advertise on Google and Bing, feel free to get in touch with our expert PPC team today!



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