There are many ways that you can capture the attention of potential clients. One way of doing this is by the inspiring and creative way you lay out your content. As a leading digital marketing agency in London, we’ve made it our job to get the low down on the many different ways you can achieve this.

From bright, bold and beautiful images to the way you lay out your page, highlight your key points and spread out your content into grouped and easy to read divisions; we’ve created a list of some of the top ways you can captivate your clients with your creative content layout.

Big is Beautiful!

No matter what you’re talking about, the first step in capturing the attention your content deserves is by shouting about it, and what better way to do that than by drawing them in with a striking headline?

Big, bold texts are a beautiful way to catch the eye. Making your titles and subtitles stand out from the rest of your text will grab your clients’ attention and propel them into the fascinating world of your content.

But First, Let Me Add a Picture

The next step in your mission to capture and retain your clients attention is by mixing your informative content with the creative side of the human brain. By appealing to both the left and right sides of the brain, you’re more likely to keep your readers interested for longer.

This will allow you to get your message across to them quickly and effectively without losing their interest.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Read!
If you want to hit your clients hard and fast and leave them breathless, satisfied and impressed by your overall content and webpage layout; you need to make it readable.

In our current technological world filled with Millenials losing time by the seconds, you’re going to want to make sure your clients can see the information they’re searching for quickly and easily. To achieve this, splitting up text with:

  • Relevant subtitles
  • Bullet points
  • and numbered points and tips

Can make a huge difference!

Once you’ve succeeded in piquing your potential clients’ interests, you’re more likely to see them returning to your website over and over again. An attractive aesthetic appearance may not be everything, but it certainly does help. If you’d like to find out more about our services and how we can help your company live long and prosper, contact us today on 0208 900 1191.