In our previous post, Creative Logo Designs: Part One, we showcased some of the most clever and innovative logo designs of today’s creative world.

Our collection focused on ‘visual double entendres’, and displayed creative and clever ways to manipulate both text, imagery and company brand into one strong and memorable image. So as promised, here’s the next creative instalment of our best logo round-up! Enjoy.

Logo Type Two: Word & Symbol


Talk about creative word art… This logo is the ideal mix of forward-thinking and unique design to provide one easy-to-read and recognisable logo. Note how the placement of the linear text allows the subtle shaping of a fish to appear without over-powering the original aesthetic, and vice versa. Awesome!


At first glance, it appears to say ‘brella’, but can you spot the other 2 present letters? The bold, yet simplistic palette is the perfect backdrop for the heavy and rounded type face. As a logo which relies on its text format, this is an ideal example of both creative and simplistic design qualities.

Inequality Records

As previously discussed, a monochrome palette is modern, simplistic and oozes style, which is exactly what Inequality Records have managed with this distinct design. Its subtlety of message in the shortened length of half of the equality symbol makes a great concept, statement and communicates the right message to both viewers, and hopefully, future customers!


The concept of coding focuses around characters, so it makes perfect sense that the logo’s fish is made out of typography, right? An obvious, but effective design choice; the bold and unique background tone, with a fresh and simplistic white type, makes both symbol and word clear, readable and hopefully memorable!

Fuel Quoter

A mix between the two obvious words, the design is subtle with the above quotation mark being turned on its side, and doubling up as a gas pump pouring gas into the ‘o’. A clear example of word art and text imagery that utilises a simplistic concept well. The logo’s complemented by an unusual and innovative colour palette.

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