As discussed in part one of our two-part post, we as humans, are quick to jump to snap judgements – whatever the subject.

As specialists of web design in London, we thought it interesting to consider the factors that encourage users of various design platforms to make these judgements, finding that it takes individuals only around 0.05 seconds to form such opinions.

We also discovered the importance of keeping a website’s aesthetic clean, user-friendly and familiar – encouraging users to spend longer on a site they feel confident navigating. Design is an extremely important part of today’s creative world, so let’s look a little further into the wonderful world of the human brain in relation to a variety of website designs and themes.

In another recent report, British researchers analysed how different design and information content factors influence online sites, especially those of a health or fitness based theme.

The study displayed results that the look and feel of a website is often the main driver of first impressions. Feedback showed that 94% of opinion was about design, covering topics such as use of colour, pop up adverts, lack of navigation aids, busy layout, small print, too much text, poor search facilities and corporate look or feel. Only 6% of the feedback was about the actual content of the site, reaffirming that visual appearance and website navigation is by far the biggest influence on a person’s first impression of a website, or other design platform.

Tip: Good design gets people to trust your site, and stick around long enough to maybe even use your services! Poor design creates mistrust and makes people click off your page, quickly!

When looking into the role of first impression sites amongst the tourism sector, studies found that inspiration drives a better first impression. This suggests that visually appealing imagery is an extremely important tool for getting people to stay on a site, and in turn, converting more visitors to buyers

Usability was the second most significant driver of first impressions, followed by credibility.

Tip: If you’re selling a dream getaway, use photographs to allow the user to picture their holiday and indulge in their imagination. Inspiring imagery is the best first impression creator!

The study also discovered that positive first impressions lead to higher satisfaction, offering the effects of visual appeal and usability on user performance, encouraging overall satisfaction with a website.

When a brand encourages a positive first impression from a user, these first impressions can last for years, both with positive and negative effect. The importance of good first impressions are crucial to a brand, whatever the design medium, however they are even more so important in retail and sales sector brands. When creating a visual brand that engages with your user, they’ll feel more confident using your services, suggesting you to their friends, and returning in the future.

Tip: A first impression that is negative can often cause a customer to have negativity towards your company for many years. Positive impressions promote positive results!

Here at Liquid Bubble, we understand the importance of good design whatever the purpose, and our team of creative minds are always happy to answer any questions you may have! For more information, or to speak to one of our professional team – please do get in contact with us on 0208 900 1191 today!



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