You may think that designing a logo is a simple task, well think again! Crafting a visual identity for your brand can be a tricky job, and creating a fantastic first impression between customer’s eye and brand needs strong design and a strong concept.

We currently live in a logo-mad world, so much so that we probably no longer even notice how many logos there are in fact around us on a daily basis. (Just take a look around you right now!)

Creating a visual brand for your company should be 3 things: memorable, scalable and of course, creative! So, here are a few top design tips for branding your company logo-perfect and making first impressions count!

1. Be unique, don’t imitate!

When branding your company with a visual identity, it is so important to create something that is completely different to anything that has already been designed. Make it stand out amongst the crowd and think outside of the box, after all, your brand will be associated with this small-scale image for a long time – so make it good!

2. Colour it right!

When creating a brand, you need to consider every aspect of the image’s design, including colour association. Bright and bold colours can grab the eye’s attention; however, if they do not complement your business’ aesthetic – they will in fact jeopardise your brands message. Make sure you fully understand the science of colour before you choose a bold and statement-making shade, and always keep your company’s message in mind throughout the design-process.

3. Understand the brand!

Although a logo is an image, it is also an introduction between customer and brand. Your creative logo must attract your target market, so keep this in mind throughout! It’s always helpful to create mood boards and write down words that relate to the brand’s ideology, although be wary of becoming too inspired by an already established brand. Imitation is never a good look!

4. What does the name say?

A logo usually tends to consist of two elements: A word mark and a symbol. Before a company can think solely about representing itself with a symbol, a great deal of advertising needs to be done. Most brands, such as Coca Cola and Ray Ban use a logotype, however, this is only appropriate depending on the brand names flexibility and uniqueness. Logotypes are predominantly more effective when a company has a memorable name, where as a more generic company profile needs something a little extra to give the company a strong and recognisable identity!

5. Don’t expect instant success!

All iconic logos can take time to gain popularity and become memorable. Logos don’t become instantly iconic – their become recognisable over time due to the market they are placed within and the company’s success. Try to be patient with a logo design, even if it doesn’t receive the immediate reception you expect – if you finally do decide to evolve your logo for whatever reason, keep elements of the original design and build upon these in a creative way!

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