Everyone trying to make it in the digital space has come across the technical term SEO- Search engine Optimization. A good website has a high ranking SEO score that allows it to pop-up on the first few search engine pages, like Google. Most users try to find what they are looking for on the first page itself, and you want your website to be on it!


SEO planning should be creative as well as extensively researched.

Setting-up SEO for your website-

  • Plan. SEO will not work for you over-night; you have to be patient and consistent with your content. It may take up to a month for a search engine to rank your new website, so do not get frustrated. A good plan requires extensive market research and content creation. Regularly updating your content will help you rank higher.
  • Keyword research. You want relevant keywords in your content, and not just words you think will make your content rank higher. The first step is to research topics and ideas for the content you want to create, and the next step is to explore the keywords based on your topic.
  • Social media. Setting up social media pages for your business will help you generate more interest in your brand. With tools like tagging and hashtags, you can connect users to your brand and website easily.
  • Responsive website. Design a website that is user-friendly with relevant and exciting content to make website-visitors happy. People are consuming more than 70% of their daily content via smartphones; your website should have an excellent mobile theme.
  • Unique content. Your website must have 100% original and unique content for a search engine to rank it. Copy-paste and spun content will land your website in trouble. If you are hiring a content writer, make sure they submit a plagiarism report.
  • Visual content. High definition pictures and videos not only keep the user interested in your website but also help you to rank higher.
  • SEO-expert. Creating an SEO strategy requires extensive planning and research, as well as a lot of time. An SEO-Expert will guide your business in the right direction.

Creative content, fresh ideas, and a good web-design are the main things you want to focus on. Remember that keywords are an important tool but not the only factor behind a better ranking SEO. To know more about your SEO requirements you can always approach experts in the industry like Liquid Bubble, who offer a free consultation for every client.



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