Very often, the area of web design tends to focus upon what you can add to your website. We contemplate adding new menus and tabs to aid the navigation process, write swathes of fresh content to fill out otherwise sparse pages, and try to scatter a multitude of attractive images and graphics over as wide a radius as possible. However, in 2015 we expect to see a rather new approach becoming increasingly popular; namely, the adoption of a more simplistic aesthetic.

How Simple?

In essence, the simplification of sites revolves around the removal of any elements which are deemed to be ‘non-essential’. For example, consider the use of background images. On the one hand, they’re usually relied upon to ensure that a site doesn’t look Spartan or unattractive, but when used wrongly they can actually clutter a site, affect the legibility of text and generally divert the attention from more important functions. We’re not for an instant saying that ‘background images are out’, but many companies have found success when going with a more minimalist approach.

The Benefits

So, what is the alternative? When you strip out things like an abundance of graphics or plenty of drop-downs that appear when you hover over a tab, what do you have left at your disposal? Well, you’re instead going for the appeal of clean and simple website design. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this instantly translates as ‘boring’, as that’s not the case. Instead, you’ll be able to…

Offer a website that is uncluttered and easily readable or navigable.

Be memorable when compared to other, rather more busy, websites.

Maintain a relatively minimalist site with a great degree of ease.

Rely upon fast loading speeds and low server resources.

There’s more that could be said, but this should be enough to keep you ticking over. There are good reasons to explain why this trend is growing in popularity, so it’s well worth your time. It’s not the sole avenue that you could be taking with regards to web design, but it’s definitely a noteworthy one. Ultimately though, whatever website design trend you choose to adopt, the experts at Liquid Bubble have got every need for website and graphic design in London covered. To find out more, please feel free to contact us today by calling (+44) 0208 900 1191 or email [email protected].



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