Way back in the late 90’s businesses started to realise that they needed to get themselves online if they were to remain relevant to consumers. Now skip forward to present day here in 2015, and we’re realising that the best way for businesses to remain relevant is to utilise smart phones and tablets.

With more and more people using smart phones, it’s important for businesses to ensure that users can still access their sites. This is where mobile-friendly sites come in. Research conducted in America discovered that between the years 2010 – 2013, the time spent per day on mobile devices increased by a whopping 575%! This means that people are moving away from PC’s and picking up their mobile devices more and more.

What Does This Mean For Businesses?

This means that being online is probably not enough anymore. With consumers spending more time online through their phone, it’s time to update and evolve to utilise this. By creating a mobile-friendly version of your website, you increase your chances of longer visit times, which could result in sales.

Mobile Apps

The next step in going mobile-friendly is creating an app for your business. In a study conducted by app analytics firm Flurry, it was discovered that the average time spent per day on mobile devices is two hours, thirty-eight minutes, but more interestingly, a huge 80% of that time is spent in apps. It’s clear that users like simple, easy to use platforms, and apps are the best way to achieve this.

Sales Through Apps

With users spending more time on their phones than ever before, it stands to reason that using mobile apps can increase sales. The simplicity of buying through apps allows customers to make purchases whenever they feel like it! There’s no longer any need for them to wait till they get home and boot up their PC, instead they can buy within seconds of the thought.

Here at Liquid Bubble, we provide a huge variety of services to improve your businesses online presence from CMS creation to mobile app development in London. If you would like more information about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0208 900 1191 to speak to a member of our team.



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