There’s no denying that good imagery is an essential part of any website design. For example, images vastly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a website, and have the ability to really draw in and attract the attention of website visitors. Significantly, the quality of images has also been found to have a significant impact on consumer behaviour, influencing purchasing decisions.

Traditionally, many websites have tended to depend upon stock photographs, for their images. However, whilst stock images remain a useful design resource, there has been a growing movement of late, towards the use of professional, custom photography in website design. Indeed, this development, in particular, is predicted by some to be one of the hottest website design trends of 2015.

Utilising custom photography can confer a number of benefits, such as by allowing for a more unique design, and adding a more authentic feel to the aesthetic of a website. Furthermore, one of the most significant benefits of utilising custom photography in website design is that it can provide you with an opportunity to present visitors to your website with something they haven’t seen before. Stock photographs can be utilised by a number of different websites, and this can be a real disadvantage, particularly if competitor websites, or those with a negative reputation, are using the same images.

One of the main advantages of good imagery in website design is that it can immediately grab the attention of website visitors. Custom photography, can be a great way to achieve this, and offers users something fresh, and unique, thereby making your website stand out from competitors.

Whilst there is a vast array of stock photographs available out there, ultimately, these are someone else’s vision. Stock images are also typically rather generic, given that they are designed to appeal to a broad audience. Consequently, finding images that are a perfect match for your company’s individual message, and ethos, may be harder than you might think. Custom photographs can offer you much greater control over the creative process, allowing you to find the right images to complement your website design, and message, perfectly.

Utilising professional, custom photography, can incur higher costs in the short-term, however, these initial costs have to be weighed against the potential long-term benefits. For example, using custom photography could actually save you time when it comes to searching for the right images.

These are just a few of the many benefits associated with the use of custom photography in website design. Here at Liquid Bubble, we’re web design experts. We have many years of experience offering web design in London, and can help you to create the perfect website for your business. For more information about our range of services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, by giving us a call on 0208 900 1191.



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