In today’s society, owning a website is crucial no matter what size your company, especially with the UK being the ‘most internet-based major economy’ according to the BBC. When an internet user lands on any website, they will instantly judge the quality of your business; for example, 40% of users will venture away from a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load according to website magazine!

Taking inspiration from some of the worst sites of the 90s, here are the top 5 things not to ask your web developer for.

Scrolling Text

This marquee effect came with the third instalment of internet explorer and caused designers at the time to go nuts over it. However, it just makes your page look cheap and the information harder to read. It’s a website, not a sign in Blackpool! Check out this websites scrolling feature.

Neon Fonts

Neon signs and fonts can be extremely hard to read on computer screens, and after all, you want the person that has landed on your site to be able to read all your good quality content! Plus it can be extremely distracting, and has a dangerous tendency to look fairly rubbish!

Moving Backgrounds

You’re trying to look professional and represent your business online, but your visitors are painfully distracted by the overly jazzy background. Is this a good move? Do you want to make your visitor feel sea sick? Have a look at this website and make up your own mind. Ps, This site should come with a warning!

Flash Intros

Back in the 90s so many website designers added these flash introductions to websites, basically just to show off! Soon the skip intro button was the second most pressed button online, so it seems they are not worth the hassle at all, and might just be a waste of your designers’ time.

Background Music

When developers first had the technology available to add music to a website, they went mad for it, only to realise it annoyed the visitors. Most people browse the internet these days with their own music playing, whether it’s from their iPod or laptop, so the last thing you want to do is force music upon them. If you do want music on your site, give the visitor the option to control it themselves.

At Liquid Bubble we are proud to offer fantastic and bespoke website design in London to represent your business on the web, and with our extensive knowledge and experience we can create something special to represent your brand online. Contact us now on 0208 900 1191 to discuss all your ideas, and we’ll be sure to leave these design faux pas at the door.



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