Although there are undoubtedly a few brands yet to unleash their 2015 Christmas TV adverts, all of the main contenders – including Marks & Spencer, Cadbury, Lidl and (of course) John Lewis – have shown their hands. This means that those of us captivated by all things marketing related are now free to pick them apart and discuss what works and what doesn’t; it’s like the festive period has already arrived!

There’s certainly a lot to say about this year’s offerings, and plenty of lessons to be learned about seasonal marketing.

Variety is the Key to Success

When we look at the variety of different big name adverts to have come out, one thing is immediately apparent – no two of them are aiming to hit the same sweet spot. M&S have gone for glitz and glamour, Lidl for warm (if a little tongue in cheek) humour, Cadbury for pure indulgence and John Lewis for sentimentality.

This is essential, because it allows each brand to capture its own corner of the seasonal market, and allows those of us who love festive advertising to experience the full range of emotions that the holidays should bring. After all, if every advert was as much of a tearjerker as John Lewis’ ‘Man on the Moon’ then audiences would soon slump.

Christmas Equals Emotion

That said, there will always be some adverts which stand out as winners, and most people would probably agree that 2015 is yet another victory for John Lewis. That said, Lidl’s ‘Christmas School’ advert is also gaining a lot of interest – and in comparison to these clips, whether they’re designed to make us laugh or cry, the wide smiles and sparkling tinsel of other ads begins to feel a little superficial.

Aside from burning rage at ineffective wrapping paper, there aren’t many emotions which people shouldn’t feel at Christmas – even a certain sentimental sadness can be appropriate – and it is certainly more memorable generic festive cheer!

Timing is Everything

After bonfire night, all those arguments about when it’s too early to think about Christmas are effectively over; the time is officially here. Now that people are about to start their seasonal shopping in earnest, companies need to help them to get in the mood; don’t wait until December to roll out your seasonal campaign!

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily apply if you’re going for a tactical delay as Coca Cola have done with their own Christmas ad. To avoid having their own incredibly iconic moment ruined by a clash against John Lewis, they’ve decided to hold fire, reminding us of the importance of finding a way to set yourself apart – especially when you’re dealing with something as common as Christmas marketing.

Now, if somehow you’ve managed to avoid it so far this year, here is the advert that everyone is talking about – just be warned, it’s enough to melt the hardest of hearts.

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