How important is your brand name to the success of your business? Well, quite honestly, very important! Of course, if you’ve got a great product, a mediocre name shouldn’t hold you back from selling. But it definitely helps to get your brand noticed if you have a great, memorable name.

First off, you want to have a brand name that captures the essence of your company or product, and you want that name to be immediately recognizable. It’s important to find a name that tells customers what they need to know about your company, whilst sounding appealing and attractive.

Try to avoid:

  • Choosing a long complicated name that will be difficult to remember.
  • Being too descriptive. It’s good to tell your customers what you’re selling, but if you make it too specific, you could be restricting yourself in terms of growth.
  • Choosing a meaningless name. You want your brand name to be relevant to your company. You don’t want to confuse customers with a name that makes no sense for your business.

Things to consider:

  • When picking a name think about your clientele, and what sort of customers you want to attract. If your product is aimed at kids, then pick something fun that will appeal to them.
  • Think about the connotations that your brand name conjures.
  • Do your research about what your brand name means in other languages. This is a lesson many other brands have not learned. Even Nokia have fallen foul of this when they named their smart phone the ‘Lumia’, which, in Spanish, means prostitute.

Once you’ve found a selection of names that you’re happy with, try to decide which one is the best fit by thinking about what your name will look like as a logo, or sound like on TV and radio. The next step is to run a trademark search. You need to make sure that you’re not infringing on any other business’s trademark.

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