10 Extremely Creative Business Cards

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Here at Liquid Bubble we know how to achieve, and appreciate, excellent graphic design. We’ve compiled a collection of some of the most wonderfully creative business cards out there, for your viewing pleasure…

Jim Proffitt, Handmade Furniture

This beautifully delicate and minimalistic business card looks handmade, in order to reflect the nature of Jim Proffitt’s handmade furniture business. The pop-up feature of the chair adds a whimsical air to this delightful business card.

Reflections Dental Care

The clever imprint design on this dental practice’s business card is a hilarious addition to an otherwise generic and simplistic design. It looks like someone has literally tried to take a bite out of this one!


Emmi Salonen, Graphic Designer

Emmi’s scholastic notebook design is reflective of her artistic profession as a graphic designer. The cute design of her businesses card is evocative of her straightforward and minimalistic approach to her work.

Dr Melissa Carr, Acupuncturist

Dr Carr’s business card is extremely appropriate for someone that penetrates acupoints with needles for a profession! This card employs negative space extremely effectively and the shadow effect creates an incredibly dynamic, multi-textural design.


James A.W. Mahon, Divorce Lawyer

This divorce lawyer is extremely well versed in arranging amicable splits, as demonstrated by his clever business card! The cards information is displayed on both sides of the perforated split, so that each person can have the adequate contact details.


Lush, Lawn and Property Enhancement

This card cleverly reveals an envelope filled with grass seeds, in order for you to test the effectiveness of their lawn enhancer. Everyone loves a free sample (even if it is grass seeds!)

Aert van Seggelen, Headhunter

This headhunter’s business card comes complete with instructions to eat the edible card, so there is no evidence that you may be being recruited by another company…


Couples Therapist

This quirky business card encourages the reader to pull the tab and ‘break the heart’ in order for the contact details to be revealed. In this case, the heart must be broken before it can be mended by couples therapy!

Paul Neilsen, Personal Trainer

This personal trainer’s business card makes the reader work (by stretching the card) in order for the contact details to be revealed.


Gengavan Second Hand Shop

In true recycled nature, this second hand shop’s business card looks like it has reused someone else’s card!

Here at Liquid Bubble, we specialise in graphic design and website design in London.  Not only do we carry out high quality branding, logo design, and marketing material, but we also specialise in business stationary, such as business cards. Please feel free to view our portfolio, or contact us on (+44) 0208 900 1191 for more information.

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