What’s the difference between CD / DVD replication and CD / DVD duplication? Find out below.

One of Liquid Bubble’s most specialised services is in CD DVD replication and CD DVD duplication, and we’ve earned a reputation as a leader in this area. We offer a service that is both high quality and cost effective, all delivered in a short time frame by industry professionals with over ten years of experience. So, what’s the difference between duplication and replication? We explain the services below.

Cost-effective CD & DVD Duplication

CD DVD Duplication

DVD / CD Duplication is the process whereby (new or original) information is digitally copied onto blank discs. At Liquid Bubble, however, it doesn’t end there. As we are fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment we’re able to duplicate master discs directly onto a CD or DVD (this is suited to smaller orders). We also provide you with a sleek, professional finished product complete with high quality cases and printing so that you can market your business effectively.

Our professional staff are fully trained to process and duplicate your order in a timely manner, without compromising on quality. We also only use high quality blank discs for our CD DVD duplication to ensure your product will always meet the highest of standards. In addition, this duplication service also includes fast turnaround times (approximately 3-5 days from receipt of order), express turnaround times (for those on a deadline), high quality cases and printing, dedicated account managers, overnight tracked delivery and competitive prices.

Our service for DVD / CD duplication in London gives our customers a highly effective marketing tool that fully engages their customers, and demonstrates innovation to prospective clients – without having to break the bank.

CD DVD Replication

DVD / CD Replication differs from the above in that it copies (or replicates) the exact information from an original DVD or CD onto blank discs. For large orders (over 1000 units), replication techniques are quicker and more cost-effective than duplication. This process is done by creating a glass master of your disc data which is used to create a stamper, which is then mounted onto the disc moulding machines.

At Liquid Bubble, our CD DVD replication is done in two stages. First, polycarbonate plastic pellets are injected into a mould the shape of the disc. The moulded aluminium creates a reflective layer, which in turn makes the laser able to read the disc in a CD or DVD drive or player.

Other CD DVD services

As Liquid Bubble is a full service Digital and Printing agency you can also take advantage of our graphic design services. These can be used to tailor an on-disc design or to create a cover and packaging design with real wow factor. This will add to your overall professional look, and complete a comprehensive brand package that’s sure to garner all the right attention.


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If you have any questions or would like to know more about Liquid Bubble Media, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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