Immediate Live



Liquid Bubble were really excited to take on this new and innovative project for Immediate Live, part of Immediate Media, a leading magazine media company that provides content services to the likes of the BBC, The Healthy Food Guide, Radio Times, and many more. They also manage many large Live events and exhibitions across the UK including Country Living Fairs, BBC Good Food, The Cycle Show, Gardeners World and The Festival of Quilts (to name a few).

Due to the pandemic, Immediate had to think outside the box, and provide a way for their exhibitors and audience to still have access to some of the great services and workshops they offer, and enjoy the experience virtually.

As Liquid Bubble have had a long standing business relationship with Upper Street Events (now part of Immediate Media), Immediate approached Liquid Bubble to help with creating this new digital experience, and allow their audience to purchase Masterclasses online, and have access to Live Workshops.

The website is built using WordPress with WooCommerce, along with custom PHP development to create a truly bespoke product that is tailored around the customer’s user experience.




UX, Web Design, WordPress Development, WooCommerce, Bespoke Development, Monthly Maintenance, Ongoing Support


WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, Live Webinars, Stripe Integration, Social Media Login API, Geo IP Multi-Currencies