Building A Valuable Community Across Social Media Platforms

Nowadays a social media marketing campaign is just as essential as on offline campaign, and success lies within a clever, tailored strategy that can be designed and implemented. The team at Liquid Bubble are experts in creating bespoke social and online strategies that are not only specific to your business’s needs, they’ll ensure growth and engagement in your online following. This is an important point to note: social media is not just about the numbers. In fact, engagement within your platforms is the true key to your success, as is shows that your customers are connecting with the brand, taking action, and interacting with what you post. This creates a strong customer relationship, and cultivates a customer base that is more likely to buy in to your brand.

At Liquid Bubble, we take a unique approach to developing a successful social strategy. We focus on achieving your specific business goals through the careful identification and engagement with your target audience, together with the creation and curation of content, and combining these with in-depth statistical analysis to deliver you significant online influence. Our expert team utilises industry leading tools to track the progress of each account, so we can continually monitor, tweak and optimise our techniques to ensure you’re always getting the most from the campaign. We then combine this expertise with our cutting-edge social media management solutions, allowing us to identify optimum times to run campaigns (based on when your customers are online) so that you’ll always be driving the most relevant traffic to your site.

Our management ensures that people will not only be talking about your business, they’ll be able to find you easily on the first pages of search results – thereby increasing your chances of a sale. Contact Liquid Bubble today by calling 0208 900 1191, to get a social media marketing campaign that will make an impact to your business.


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