CD Duplication Packed in a PP Wallet

  • price £63.50 (Exc. VAT)
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A simple plastic wallet is the most versatile packaging option and also the best value option when choosing how to package your CDs. Plastic wallets come with a flap so that the CDs won't drop out when being distributed, and the printing on the disc itself is clearly visible through the wallet. There's also the option of having a double sided insert of four-page booklet included as well. (Prices include delivery).

Quantity Extras Price
50 No Extras £63.50
50 2pp Insert £86.00
50 4pp Booklet £91.00
100 No Extras £99.00
100 2pp Insert £134.00
100 4pp Booklet £144.00
200 No Extras £177.00
200 2pp Insert £213.00
200 4pp Booklet £233.00
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