DVD Duplication Packed in a PP Wallet

DVD Duplication Packed in a PP Wallet

  • price £68.50 (Exc. VAT)
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Plastic wallets are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to package and distribute a CD. A simple plastic wallet with a flap to prevent the CD from slipping out, the printing on the CD itself will be clearly visible through the transparent plastic so it will still stand out as well. If you're after a cheap and straightforward solution, our PP wallets may be the answer. There's also an added option to have a double sided insert or four-page booklet too.

Quantity Extras Price
50 No Extras £68.50
50 2pp Insert £91.00
50 4pp Booklet £96.00
100 No Extras £130.80
100 2pp Insert £144.00
100 4pp Booklet £154.00
200 No Extras £197.00
200 2pp Insert £222.00
200 4pp Booklet £253.00
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