In the marketing world, we’re always told that is dead, but it somehow keeps coming back and being better and more useful than before.

With the age of the internet in full swing, it’s easy to understand why so many people are so dismissive of print media; after all, who needs print if you can have everything digitally available to you anyway? But is it really a redundant format? Can you really make an impact with print marketing?

Yes, You Can!

As far as we’re concerned, print media is far from dead. In fact, we think that it’s one of the few so-called “redundant formats” that can still help your marketing strategy, even though many businesses don’t realise it.

It may be hard to believe, but people aren’t actually connected to the internet 24/7. They are still going to be out and about and looking at physical advertising that businesses are putting out there, so you do still need to think about making an impact with physical, printed media too.

So, what are some things you need to consider in order to make this impact?

You Need Short, Concise Copy

One aspect of printed media that many businesses get wrong is having too much written content. Humans are visual beings; we like pretty pictures and colours – not walls of text. To our brains, that’s just a lot of effort to read – visual information is much more appealing!

You don’t need to have in-depth information on your flyer or poster – the whole point is to draw potential customers and clients in to ask you about your product or service, not give them all the information there and then!

Think About Design Elements

As we mentioned above, you need to keep your print media visual in order to catch the eye of passers by. This should be an obvious element of all your marketing as you will need to be playing to the visual nature of the human brain.

Fonts and typography is one of the main elements of all design; without a clear to read, attractive font, you can say bye-bye to any interest that a person may have in what you and your brand have to say. Many people get too carried away with fancy fonts which look great from far away, but can often be hard to read close up. You need to be choosing a typeface (the design of the font) which is not only clear and easy to read, but stylish enough to achieve the effect you are wanting to.

Colours are also important in printed media; you don’t want to be wasting your printing costs on a piece which isn’t going to be successful in catching the eye of a prospective client or customer. The right colour can be determined by a variety of different things; namely the tone of the printed media, whether you’re promoting your brand or a product – even the time of year can drastically affect the colour pallet you should be using!

Alternatively, if you are looking to create a more sophisticated, professional look, you may not want to opt for a colour scheme at all; black and white is sometimes just the ticket for printed media, and you won’t (in theory) be spending as much on printing costs as a full coloured piece!

If you’re wanting to invest in printed media for your company, and don’t know where to get started, be sure to give our expert team a call today – we’d be delighted to show you just how powerful print can still be!



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