As the art of brochure printing becomes ever more creative; both in terms of technology and design, we as lovers of all things innovative are forever trying to think outside of the box and offer our clients something truly unique.

With most brochures being only 20 – 30 pages long, you need something that’ll grab your viewer’s eye, and make them choose your printed brochure over the rest on the pile.

Apart from the obvious; layout, typography, effective front cover and quality imagery – there are other experimental details that you can add in order to give your leaflet an edge, and of course, promote quality design.

Here’s a few of our favourite leaflet trends of 2015’s design world.

Make it loose

A folder-type brochure is the popular choice for a number of industries, and can look extremely stylish whilst offering complete versatility. Whether you fancy including a CD, DVDs, postcards, fact-files, business cards or just a little treat – aim to make it add something special to your brochure!

A great aspect of this design is that you can completely customise the brochure according to an individual client, only sending them the elements that are relevant to them.

It’s also easy to extend your marketing with this design, allowing you to send clients updated new inserts to add to their brochure.

Fold on fold

Folding paper is a cheap yet effective way to connect with your readers, encouraging a surprising amount of information being able to be contained within a relatively small space.

However, when approaching an origami type brochure – be creative, and be unique!

Cut it out

Die-cutting is an extremely easy way to lend a visual interest to a brochure, giving the surface a textural and unique aesthetic. Die-cutting can inject some extra colour, shape or detail to a layout design, and even improve the message of the brochure itself.

The technique is typically used on front covers, but with a bit of imagination – can be added throughout the brochure to enhance the content, too!

Here at Liquid Bubble, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading providers of forward-thinking and creative web design in London. For further information, or to speak to one of our friendly and experienced team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 900 1191 today!



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