Once you’ve entered the world of marketing, there’s no going back. As a consumer, one can still expect to react to the ads the way they’re intended – to get you to buy products, or to promote a brand or cause, and while that can still be the case with some marketers, it can be hard to go back to those simpler times.

As a marketer, you’re no longer a consumer – well, not in the traditional sense anyway. Once you’re wading in the deep waters of the marketing world, you begin to understand how it all works – ads, branding, celebrity promotion, etc. You’ve effectively caught a glimpse behind the curtain and found that those performers flying about the stage were being held by well placed strings. That’s not to say the magic has gone, but it puts everything into a different perspective once you know how it’s done.

Where the consumer sees a celebrity, a Facebook campaign and timely ads, us marketers see bought influence, video seeding and targeted ad buys. No longer can a marketer simply flick through a newspaper without studying and decrypting all of the ads, taking shots at guessing who they’re intended for, the strategy behind them and what the overall objective of the ad is.

There’s no respite from work either. Say for example you’re watching a football match in the pub on a Saturday afternoon – people chatting away about the result, the spectacle on display as well as their heroes and villains of the match. Now as a marketer, you may not voice it out loud, but your head is swimming with pouring rights, advertising hoardings and title sponsorships. Did they get value for money? Would I have done that? Marketing is taking over your life without you even noticing it.

Now, you might be thinking that this sounds like a bad thing, especially considering we’re making it sound like marketing is nothing short of the idea behind They Live, but in all honesty, this is a good thing. The more intensely we live our brands and their consumers, the better our advice and execution can be. We’re able to fully understand how our modern world works and can help those who don’t not only to succeed but also to understand it themselves.

It’s a complex idea, but there are many advantages to seeing life as a marketer.

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