Ten things to remember for a successful eCommerce business


20million eCommerce stores are now live on the internet. With digital becoming the “New Normal,” we can expect a sharp rise in this number. The competition is tough, but a great eCommerce store can thrive, and boom, all you need is an effective eCommerce plan.
Here are a few quick tips for you to remember before you embark on the eCommerce business.

  1. Product perfect. Online business is hugely competitive, with big players like Amazon eating into half the market. Your product must stand-out and compel buyers to come to your website. You do not want to sell something a user can find for half the price on another site. Handmade, custom designs, local food sources, eco-friendly products, and many more niche product lines you could get into. Find your specialty and align it with your financial goals for the perfect product.
  2. Digital marketing plan. An effective marketing plan will help you achieve better engagement through your social media pages, generating traffic to your website. Your digital marketing plan should include- social media, print media, ad campaigns, SEO research, and content creation.
  3. Content. Written, as well as visual content plays a vital role in your marketing strategy. Well-written product descriptions, about us, and blogs will help you showcase your brand better. People do not want to read confusing or pretentious content. They want it to be precise and straightforward. Additionally, high-quality videos and images attract more attention from users.
  4. SEO will dictate how well your website ranks on search engines like Google. Once you plan your content, research relevant keywords, use these keywords on your web page, blogs, articles, and social media posts. Keep your content updated with relevant keywords to maximize your SEO potential.
  5. Network. Connecting with professionals from your industry will help you learn as well as lead to valuable collaborations. Say you own a fashion company, networking with make-up artists, models, photographers, and industry experts will create a far more engaging social media presence. You can collaborate to create exciting videos and photos that might otherwise be very expensive.
  6. Start small. Start with a few good products that you know will sell. Conduct adequate market research to learn what type of products are trending. Once you build your social media presence and have a well-designed website, you can start introducing more products.
  7. Be patient. Do not expect over-night results or get discouraged quickly. Your digital marketing plan will take a few months to generate results. Hire a professional digital marketer if you are unsure of your eCommerce strategy.
  8. Print media. Most people with a digital presence overlook the importance of print media. Your customer will value your brand more if they see physical evidence such as brochures, flyers, banners, and merchandise. Print media can bring tremendous value to your brand and helps with brand recognition and loyalty.
  9. Mobile-friendly website. Today people consume almost 70% of online content through their smartphones. This means your customer is more likely to look at your website on their phone screen. Your website should have a mobile-friendly interface as well as easy to use features. Talk to your web-designer to know more.
  10. Find the right partner. A successful eCommerce store requires a social media presence, high-quality graphics, and a well-designed website. Seeking a digital marketing partner will ensure a hassle-free start to your business. Agencies like Liquid Bubble curate marketing and print media plans to suit individual brands. Find the right partner before you begin your eCommerce journey.




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