You may love or hate the colours a brand uses in their logo, but there’s a lot more thought that goes into choosing a particular hue than how pretty it is. Different colours evoke different emotions, so as a web design agency in London we’re often given the task of choosing the right colours to portray your business’s main message.

Here’s some of the science behind why choosing the right colour for your brand is so important.


The Basics

Put simply, identifying a colour causes us to have a chemical reaction that evokes an emotional response. Because colours are easily recognisable, choosing the right palette for your brand will ensure that you are telling your audience what your key message is without having to use words. It’s that instant response that makes the use of colours so important.


Attracting Your Target Audience

Picking a colour means you need to think about what it is your target audience cares about and what mood they need to be in to engage with your brand. For instance, insurance companies may opt for the colour blue because it is associated with dependability and trust.


What to Consider

Despite some colours seemingly being associated with one or two connotations, they may have an alternate meaning across the world, skewing how your brand is seen. For instance, yellow is an attention grabbing colour because it is the brightest. This is why taxis in New York and road signs about diversions or road works are this colour. However, yellow in certain countries in South America associate the colour yellow with wealth or religion.

If you want to appeal to audiences in different countries, you should be aware of the cultural context of different colours.


Examples of Colours Brands Use

Some of the biggest companies in the world have used the power of colour in their logos to portray their message and evoke an emotional response. For instance, black is seen to be sophisticated so is used by luxury brands such as YSL, whereas green is associated with the environment so is used by companies who wish to portray themselves as conscious of the world around us, such as BP.

If you’re unsure of what colour you need to build your brand, speak to one of our experts here at Liquid Bubble. You can reach us via our online contact form or by calling 0208 900 1191. Alternatively, follow us on Twitter or Google+ keep up to date with our latest news.



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