When it comes to website design, there are a lot of facets that need to come together in tandem. Whilst the visual side of things is of paramount importance, stuff like the words on the page need just as much attention, and that’s something that we’ve spoken about before. However, what about when words and ‘visual elements’ coincide? We are, of course, talking about typography, and it’s vitally important. Here are our top pointers when it comes to this often overlooked consideration:

The Placing

In essence, typography is about arranging type to look appealing; it really is as simple as that. A big part of that process is placing your text. When you place your text on a webpage, you need to consider what’s important. Try to order your text in terms of prominence, and place it on the page so it flows naturally. Don’t be afraid of using tactics like columns if it helps your cause; newspapers use such approaches to great effect. You can also try to draw attention to important texts, perhaps placing them higher up on a webpage, and of course you can try to highlight select words using bold, underlined or even coloured graphics too (within reason…read on to find out more!)

The Spacing

Alongside the placing, the spacing is also integral to effective typography. This section basically boils down to two things; namely, leading and kernelling. Both are very important on your website…

Leading – this is basically the spacing between each line of your text. Remember those times when you needed to double space a word document for a university essay? That’s leading.

Kernelling – this relates to the amount of space between each letter in a word. It’s perhaps less obvious than leading is, but it’s no less essential to your typography strategy.

When either your leading or kernelling is astray, your copy could be ridiculously cramped together, or disjointed by space to the point of illegibility. Don’t ever doubt that you need to get it right.

The Fonts

Plenty of people think that typography is entirely about choosing fonts, and whilst that generalisation is far from correct, it’s definitely a big part of this design category. Your font needs to be clear and also professional, so, in the main, stick to sans serif fonts. That means things like ‘Comic Sans’ are, sadly, out of the window. Remember we said a few lines ago about using graphical variations within reason? Well, that means don’t go overboard with different sizes of fonts, colours and types of fonts. We’d say no more than 3 of each is a good benchmark. Any more, and your copy risks losing homogeneity, so do exercise some restraint.

At Liquid Bubble, you can always count on receiving only the very best practices when you come to us for website design in London, and this means that every part of your website – from the responsive nature to the typography – will be ideally balanced with our assistance. If you’d like further information, please call (+44) 0208 900 1191 or email [email protected].



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